Forager’s Report – September 1, 2018

You would think that people would go all over the place during this long weekend and you are right. There were dozens of cars at the junction of Sequoia Valley, Muir Wood Roads and Panoramic Highway, all hurrying along to the beaches. We headed to Point Reyes to go mushrooming.

First stop was quite productive, and the best of all the places we hit later on. We found many eggs of stink horns (Clatrhus ruber), a field full of Russula sanguinea, one lone but magnificent specimen of an Amanita muscaria, a slippery jack (Suillus probably pungens) and a Boletus in a place we have always looked for edulis. This mushroom, however, was almost white and did not have the reticulation of the edulis and was not white enough to be a barrowsi.. If I can, will post a picture later on.

Continuing on, found many troops of mycenas and a huge flush of Amanita phaloides. Too bad those amanitas are so deadly for they certainly are beautiful.

Came back happy: the mushrooms are coming back!

Saludos, Fino

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