Oh what a day! Although it drizzled a little on our way up, there were road closures we ignored because we had looked at the Google maps, by the time we arrived the rain was gone and the sun showed up for a few minutes here and there.
Twelve intrepid foragers and a journalist joined us in the joyful search for edibles, or for just anything we could find. Kevin decided that, instead of the two hours in the woods, we would have three hours. What a difference that made! Those of us nimble and fast enough (as in young) followed Kevin. Those of us slower and stiff followed the paths we wanted.
The three hours allowed us to amble, saunter and stroll at leisure up the fire road. Relaxing and in no hurry we were able to find many mushrooms that would otherwise be passed over.
Below is a list of those mushrooms with the pages where you can find them in Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast book:
Agaricus sp
P 73
Amanita vaginata group
P 51
Calocera cornea
Small staghorn Jelly Fungus
P 515
Cantharellus formosus
Pacific Golden Chanterelle
P 25
Cantharellus subalbidus
White Chanterelle
P 27
Craterellus calicornucopioides
Black Trumpets, Horn of Plenty
P 29
Craterellus neotubaeformis (proposed)
Yellowfoot, Tubies
P 28
Gomphus clavatus
Pig’s Ears
P 30
Hydnum repandum
Hedgehog, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Comb
P 498
Hydnum umbilicatum (Sensu CA)
Bellybutton Hedgehog,
P 499
Hygrocybe flavescens
Golden Waxy Cap
P 289
Hygrocybe punicea (sensu CA)
Crimson Waxy Cap
P 295
Lactarius rubidus
Candy Caps
P 250
Leotia lubrica
Jelly Babies, Ochre Jelly Club
P 525
Nidula candida
Bird’s Nest
P. 537
Polipolomopsis calyptriformis
Pink Waxy Cap, Salmon Waxy Cap
P 283
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum group
Cat’s Tongue, Toothed Jelly Fungus, White Yellow Mushroom, Jelly Tooth
P 551
Ramaria rubiginosa
no common name
P 508
Russula cremoricolor
Winter Russula, Creamy Russula
P 229
Russula olivacea (sensu CA)
Purple-Olive Russula
P 235
Scutellinia scutellata group
Eyelash Cup Fungus
P 567
Stereum hirsutum
False Turkey Tail
P 481
Suillus tomentosus
Bluing Slippery Jack
P 451
Tremella aurantia
Witch’s Butter
P 549
Tremella foliacea
Leafy Jelly, Brown Jelly Fungus
P 549
Trichoglossum hirsutum
Velvety Black Earth Tongue, Velvety Earth Tongue
P 524
Xerocomellus zelleri
Zeller’s Bolete
P 436
After the foray, a small group of us decided to continue our hunt. We found the Agaricus, Amanita, Suillus and Candy Cap. Also found a good amount of yellowfoot.
It was a marvelous day and we all went home with something to cook.