Being a part of the Board of Directors of the Mycological Society of Marin County is tremendously rewarding, and includes being part of our annual foray. Once a year, we get treated to a very special foray. And so it was that the Past-President, President, Vice-president and three Chairs headed north in search of chanterelles and, hopefully, porcinis and matsutakes.

It is a looong drive to the mountains, but the terrain is so beautiful and the company so pleasant, that you arrive even before you start to feel tired. The camping grounds were secluded but secure and the weather, which in previous days had been horrid, cooperated. The nights and early mornings were cold and no rain was a plus. Besides, we had plenty of wood and good food.

And “good food” is an understatement! We all brought a dish to share for dinner. I brought a Spanish “cocido”, Stine a lentil soup, Dinna a scrumptious salmon, Jay a lovelys chili and Xander made a beautiful paella, Kevin and Xander’s porcini bacon was a revelation.

And what can I tell you about the foraging? Have you ever had a dream come true? Have you seen so many chanterelles that you just had to scream with joy? Have you seen so many, many porcinis that you just picked those that were perfect? Have you seen such a pretty trail that you heart sang? Did you see those perfect matsies? What about the huge variety of non-edible but nonetheless lovely mushrooms?

Below you will find a list of some of the mushrooms we collected and attached you will see some pictures. Some of the specimens were donated to the Tom Bruns lab at UC Berkeley. Do take into consideration I am not an expert, just an enthusiast. If there are any mistakes, they are exclusively mine. See that list and drool….

There is no way I can do justice to such a trip. It was just perfect.

Albatrellopsis fletii Blue Knight, Flett’s Polypore, Blue-capped Polypore
Albatrellus ovinus Sheep’s Polypore
Amanita silvicola Woodland Amanita
Amanita sp – Amanita Button
Boletopsis grisea None
Boletus edulis var. grandedulis King Bolete, Cep, Porcini, Steinpiltz
Cantharellus formosus Pacific Golden Chanterelle
Cantharellus roseocanus “Rainbow Chanterelle”
Cantharellus subalbidus ‘White Chanterelle”
Catathelasma imperiale “Imperial Cat, Imperial Mushroom”
Cratherellus tubaeformis “Funnel Chanterelle, Winter Chanterelle, Yellow Foot, Trumpet Chanterelle”
Chroogomphus tomentosus “Wooly Pine Spike”
Clavariadelphus truncatus Flat Topped Club Coral, Truncated Club Coral
Cortinarius fuliginofolius ??? Orange Cort in the Specimens
Cortinatius glaucopus group ??? Dark Purple specimen
Cortinarius violaceous “Violet Cort”
Gomphidius glutinosus “Glutinous Gomphidius, Hideous Gomphidius, Slimy Gomphidius”
Gomphus clavatus “Pig’s Ear”
Gomphus flocossus “Scaly Chanterelle, Wooly Chanterelle, Scaly Vase Chanterelle”
Hydnum olimpicum, previously repandum “Hedgehog Mushroom, Sweet Tooth, Spreading Hedgehog”
Helvella compressa “Compressed Elfin Saddle”
Helvella sp Specimen with brown stipe
Helvella vespertina “Western Black Elfin Saddle”
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum group “Cat’s Tongue, Toothed Jelly Fungus, White Yellow Mushroom, Jelly Tooth, Jelly Hogs”
Hydenellum aurantiacum “Orange Hydnellum, Orange Rough-cap Tooth, Orange Tooth”
Hydnellum peckii “Strawberries and Cream, Red juice Tooth, Bleeding Hydnellum”
Lactarius deliciosus group “Delicious Milk Cap, Orange-juice Milk Cap, Safforn Milk Cap, Orange-latex Milky”
Hypomyces lactifluorum “Lobster Mushroom”
Lobaria pulmonaria lichen Lichen
Lycoperdon pyriforme Pear-shapped Puffball
Onnia triqueta “False Dyer’s Polypore”
Peziza domiciliana Domestic Cup Fungus
Pareasitied mushrooms Various types of fungus
Phelodon atratus Bleeding Blue Tooth
Polyozellus multiplex Blue Chanterelle
Ramaria sandaracina var. chondrobasis ??? Golden yellow Ramaria
Ramaria stuntzii ??? Stunt’s Red Coral
Ramaria formosa ????? “Yellow-tipped Coral, Pinkish Coral Mushroom”
Ramaria acrisiccescens Blah Coral
Russula brevipes Short-stemmed Russula, Short-stalked White Russula
Russula xerampelina group Shrimp Mushroom, Shellfish-scented Russula
Russula sp Dark purple and redish mushrooms
Sarcodon fuscoindicus Violet Hedgehog
Sarcodon imbricatus “Hawk Wing, Scaly Hedgehog, Shingled Hedgehog”
Sparassis radicata “Cauliflower Mushroom”
Steccherinum ochraceum “Ochre Spreading Tooth”
Suillus lakeii Matte Jack, Western Painted Suillus
Suillus pungens “Pungent Slippery Jack, Pungent Suillus, Slippery Jack
Suillus sp dark brown caps
Tremiscus helvelloides “Apricot Jelly”
Tricholoma murrillianum, previously magnivelare Matsutake, Pine Mushroom, White Matsutake

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