They call me in the night.

Yes, the Porcini talk to me:  “come and get me, I am out!” and I must get up and go.  So this morning I did and, sure enough, they were there.  Sadly to say, most of them well past their prime.  I did, however, score three beautiful specimens for the table.  The ones that were too far gone for eating but in a still acceptable condition, I dry and powder and use as a seasoning.

All the mushrooms that did not show up September, October, November or December are out.  So I saw beautiful examples of Amanita muscaria, gemmata, and pachycholea; plenty of Gymnopilus; a few bleeding Agaricus; some rotted Armillaria mellea; many Clitocybe nuda (blewit); Entolomas almost everywhere; five magnificent Porphyrellus porphyrosporus mushrooms; Inocybes in some places; one lonely Russula brevipes; and some hidden Suillus pungens.

It was raining and could not take pictures.  I owe them to you, as well as the Species List from the Wild in Marin Fungus Festival.  I am waiting for feedback from the gracious experts who identified them for us during the festival.

Get out and enjoy the bounty while it lasts and pray that it continues raining so that we can continue playing…