Forager’s Report – February 3, 2018

Saturday morning’s dawn was a magnificent display of colors, foretelling a good day in the woods.  And the promise became a reality.

Deborah, Stine, Paul, Adrianne, Sylvia, Jay, Kim, Dinna, Roger, Chris, Nina, Adam, Josh, Marc, Kristi, Pierre, Joe and his wife, Steve and Laura followed our society’s president and mushroomer par excellence, Kevin Sadlier, to our designated hunting grounds.  The ground was “crackly,” were we going to find anything?

But then, some of us came out with a small basketfull of blacks and and a few hedgehogs, both repandum and umbilicus. Against odds, Steve found a white Chanterelle, the only one found, and there were quite a few yellow foot (Craterellus tubaeformis).   A Scutiger pres-caprae and Poliporus badius (sensu CA) had us scratching our heads.  Dinna found a handsome specimen of Fomitopsis pinicola, which I mistakenly id’d as a Ganoderma (the problem of knowing only a little bit…).  The “jellies” were not abundant but we did find some Dacrymyces c (so similar to Tremella aurantia but the first growing on conifers, the other on hardwoods).  Also found Cat’s Tongues (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum group) and Black Jelly Roll (Exidia glandulosa group).  Saw a good expanse of Russulas, black with age, and some R. cremicolor. Did not see a single specimen of Amanita, so imagine the season for their growth is gone. The Hygrocybes gave color to our table but there were other mushrooms we could not id for sure.

Our sister organization, MSSF, was also hunting that day and we all met at the picnic grounds.  They had taken a different trail and their haul consisted of different mushrooms than the ones we found.  The most noteworthy was a group of yellowblack Chanterelles that looked good enough to eat raw.  The participants to their foray were 42 so they had more eyes in the woods.

As usual, our potluck table looked beautiful and full of good food:  it seems like we all decided that middle East food was the item to bring.  The Weiss (Steve told me the cook was Laura) brought a yummy Greek pastry, Deborah brought her home-made Hummus, Stine brought another Hummus but spicy,  a chick pea and spice spread, and a Tabbouleh.  I could not identify the person who brought the pasta salad but my personal congrats go to him/her.  Roger brought his home-made beer and those who tasted it told him it was very, very good.  Last, but not least, Jay and Dinna brought dessert, also home-made. Jay brought chocolate cupcakes and Dinna a Mexican tiger cake.  What can I tell you?  I am running out of adjectives.  To round up the meal, there was cheese and fruits.  What a great day we had and how talented are the cooks!

I was dismayed to learn we had left behind a person who had signed up for this foray and want to apologize publicly.  Next time I will send all participants my phone number to try to avoid this type of incident.

Also noticed that none of us were using a whistle.  Although the next foray will depend on the weather conditions, a whistle will be a required part of our equipment.  We do not want to lose any of our members in the woods.

As a final note, those of us wanting to carpool met at the Costco parking lot from 7:30 to 7:45 a.m..  We left behind three cars but could have left maybe one or two more.  We finished taking eight vehicle, an excessive amount for the number of people participating in this foray.  We are green foragers so should strive to keep our forays as innocuous to Mother Earth as possible.  Maybe next time we will manage better.

Saludos, Finola

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