Forager’s Report 1/20/17


Our winter mushrooms are in full motion now on the Sonoma Coast. Despite the heavy rains the Black Trumpets ( Craterellus cornucopiodes) are still in good shape and have not been left gritty and shredded by the downpours as sometimes can happen.  Bellybutton hedgehogs (Hydnum umbilicatum) Yellowfeet (Craterellus tubaeformis) and Candycaps (Lactarrius rubidus) are carpeting the forest floor in the Tanoak  and the larger Hedgehog (Hydnum repandum) can be found under the pines.  The beautifully fluted aromatic Pacific Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus formosus) are popping up intermittently throughout everything mentioned above.

In Marin County, (and East Bay) large quantities of Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus californicus) and Candy Caps are being harvested by lucky under Live Oak.
Please let me know what you are finding so it can be included in the next report.

Kevin Sadlier
Mycological Society Of Marin County