Wild In Marin – Third Annual Fungus Festival

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Mill Valley Community Center
180 Camino Alto
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Discover the joys, benefits and culinary delights of fungi!

We will have a variety of booths showcasing all things fungi from mushroom kits, cookbooks, forage guides, textiles, apparel, fungi-centric foods prepared by Bay Area chefs, and more!  Learn what mushrooms you can forage in the Bay Area, how to prepare, store, and cook with them. We will be featuring an amazing mushroom habitat exhibit, cooking demonstration with a celebrity chef, speaker presentations, raffle and silent auction items, make your own mushroom kits, and a mushroom identification room with a vast array of specimens (so bring in your mushrooms and we’ll help you ID them!).

Tickets $5-20 – advanced ticket pricing available until Jan 21st.

Speaker Schedule

11:00 AM: Langdon Cook – “The Mushroom Trail”
12:00 Noon: Chad Hyatt – Cooking Demonstrations
1:00 PM: Greg Marley – Integrating Medicinal Mushrooms
2:00 PM: David Arora – Mushrooms DeMythified
3:45 PM: Mayumi Fuji – Fiber Arts and Botanical Prints

Pre-tix: $15
Children (18 and under): $5
Members: $10 – Always
At the door: $20

Fungus Festival Sponsors, Donors, Presenters, and Vendors:

David Arora    Bay Area Applied Mycology (BAAM)    Back to the Roots    Bordenave    The Chaga Co    Chris Choate (CNC Provisions)    Langdon Cook    Dinna Davis    Element 28    Finola Diaz    Dream Farm Mushrooms    Fairfax Backyard Farmer    Front Porch Farms    Gamble Family    John Getz/Truffle Hunting Dogs    Green Jeans Garden Supply    Heather Soicher Ceramics    Chad Hyatt    Jewels of the Forest    King of Mushrooms    Kiki LeSeed    MacLean Custom Screen Printing    Harlen Malis    Greg Marley  – Mayumix    Mendocino Magic    Mill Valley Public Library    Eric Multhaup    Mushroom in Bloom    Mycological Society of Marin County (MycoMarin)    Paul Nagami    New York Bagels    Night Flux Glass    Odd Fox and Fern    Jamie Padua    Kevin Sadlier    Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum    David Schmitz    Julie Schreiber    The Spanish Table    Sporelust!    Sporgy Mushroom Company –  Kyle Swain (Watershed)    Symbiiotica    Seth Williams    Wine Forest.

2023 Silent Auction/Raffle Items and Vendors

Are you feeling lucky?!  This year, we have our first ever Silent Auction powered by GalaBid.  You will find a multitude of amazing items and experiences up for bid!

Also on GalaBid, you can find “Wild in Marin” Fungus Festival commemorative short and long sleeve shirts and beanies for sale!

 To see all the auction items and merchandise, use this link:


Or scan this QR code:

Featured Silent Auction Items

King of Mushrooms

Funghi Extravaganza – A Weekend Foraging Adventure in Anderson Valley

An exciting 3-day event starting with a “Meet & Greet” and dinner on a Friday evening at Wickson Restaurant in Philo. You will then travel less than 5 minutes to The Indian Creek Lodge for the start of a 2-night stay. Wake up refreshed Saturday morning for an adventurous day! Chef Chad, author of “The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen”, will offer a continental breakfast at The Inn. You will then head out to forage near the Anderson Valley with Todd Spanier, Founder & CEO of King of Mushrooms and Chef’s Lounge to lead you on a foraging expedition. Todd brings with him 25 years of knowledge, passion and insights into the world of fungi! After the foray, Chef Chad will enchant you with a cooking demo and picnic lunch in the woods. Enjoy wine tasting at a local winery in the afternoon. That evening, you will experience a fantastic 5 course funghi feast at The Inn offered by Chef Chad. Sunday will start off again with a continental breakfast and then off to forage wild mushroom near the Anderson Valley along with a cooking demo and picnic in the woods before you head back home. The package 10 guests / double occupancy.
(Value: $22,000)


MycoMarin — Memberships

Black Trumpet Supporting Membership — Annual
(Value $100)

Golden Chanterelle Leadership Circle Membership — Annual
(Value $500)

King Bolete Lifetime Membership
(Value $1,000)


MycoMarin — Dinna Davis

Seaweed Foraging Adventure on the Sonoma Coast, up to 10 people
(Value $900)

Felted Mushroom Ornament, Pin and Bookmark Workshop, up to 20 people
(Value $1,000)

Magical Mussel Foraging Adventure on the Sonoma Coast, up to 20 people
(Value $1,400)

Old Fox & Fern

Selection of myco-dyed, handspun yarns
(Value $75)

Heather Soicher Ceramics and MaClean Custom Screen Printing

Gourmet Gift Bundle: 12 inch carved serving plate made by Heather Soicher Ceramics and Grey Canvas Work Apron with Oyster Mushroom Design by MacLean Custom Screen Printing.
(Value $142)

The Spanish Table

Taste of Spain – paella kit for 8-people!!!  $80 gift certificate for paella kit redeemable at The Spanish Table in Mill Valley, Berkeley, or San Francisco.
(Value $80)

Wine Forest

A gift basket of an assortment of wild sides and dried mushrooms.
(Value $150)

Green Jeans Garden Supply

“Mushrooms Demystified” and  “All That The Rain Promises and More..” by David Arora, and Maserin Coglifunghi line mushroom knife
(Value $150)

“California Mushrooms-The Comprehensive Identification Guide” by Dennis E. Desjardin, Michael G. Wood, Frederick A Stevens and Maserin Coglifunghi line mushroom knife
(Value $160)


Featured Raffle Items

Fairfax Backyard Farmer

Gift Certificate to Fairfax Backyard Farmer
(Value $25)

Back to the Roots

Oyster Mushroom Farm 2-pack.
(Value $40)

MacLean Custom Screen Printing

Grey canvas work apron printed with oyster mushroom design
(Value $32)

Mycological Society of Marin (MycoMarin)

MycoMarin — Membership

Oyster Basic Membership (Annual)
(Value $40)

MycoMarin — Finola Diaz

2 Books:  “Mushrooming Without Fear” by Alexander Schwab and “The Kingdom of Fungi” by Jens H. Petersen – and Mesh Foraging Bag.
(Value $40)

MycoMarin and Back to Roots

MycoMarin Oyster Basic Membership (Annual), Mesh Mushroom Foraging Bag
(Value $45)

Back to the Roots 2-pack Organic Oyster Mushroom Grow Kits
(Value $40)


Langdon Cook

Paperback book “Fat of the Land-Adventures of a 21st Century Forager”
(Value $17)

Sporgy Mushroom Company

MycoDose Boost extract with Lions Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps
(Value $37)

The Chaga Company

Chaga Coffee/Coffee Alternatives with Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Chaga Tea
(Value $60)


2oz bottle of mushroom tincture and an art print
(Value $70)


Mushroom Tarot Deck and Stickers
(Value $70)

Jewels of the Forest

12 packs Mushroom Jerky and some Grow Kits they can make at “Wild in Marin”
(Value $150)


A Big Thank You to Our Supporters

Chad Hyatt

Chad will be providing a cooking demonstration featuring wild mushrooms and will be on hand to answers questions and sign his cookbook “The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen.”

Langdon Cook

Langdon is one of the “Wild in Marin” speakers and will be presenting his book, ”Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager,” which The Seattle Times called, ”Lyrical, practical and quixotic.”

Greg Marley

Greg will be presenting this book, “Amanita Nightmares: The Love, Lore and Mystique of Mushrooms” as part of the “Wild in Marin” Speaker Lineup.

Greg Marley has a passion for mushrooms that dates back to 1971. Marley is also the Author of “Mushrooms for Health: Medical Secrets of Northeastern Fungi” and “Chanterelle Dreams.”

Mayumi Fujio / Mayumix Botanical

Mayumi Fujio is an award-winning fiber art and botanical print artist who will be presenting how she creates her beautiful pieces using ethically harvested mushrooms, lichen, and other treasures from nature.

David Arora

David Arora will be one of the featured speakers at “Wild in Marin”.  an American mycologist, naturalist, and writer, David is also the author of two popular mushroom field guides, “Mushrooms Demystified” and “All the Rain Promises and More.”

John Getz

John Getz is a mushroom harvester working in the pacific northwest. What started as a hobby almost 37 years ago has become a full time business as the truffle market in Oregon has gained in popularity and credibility.  John will be demonstrating how his expert truffle dogs are able to seek out these prized fungi.


Contributing Chefs:

Jamie Padua
Grilled cheese sandwiches with porcini powder

Seth Williams
Polenta triangles with gorgonzola and mushroom

Chris Choate, CNC Provisions
Mushroom pate en croute

Kyle Swain, Watershed
Mushroom quiche with black trumpets and winter chanterelles

Julie Schreiber, Myco Ventures
Candy Cap Meringues

Eric Multhaup, MycoMarin Culinary Chair
Wild Chanterelle Soup

Finola Diaz, MycoMarin Culinary Member
Shitake Vichyssoise

Kevin Sadlier and Kiki Leseed, MycoMarin Culinary Members
Candy Cap Popcorn and Savory Shitake Furikake Popcorn


Additional Contributors:

Green Jeans Garden Supply

Kevin Sadlier and Xander Wessels, owners of Green Jeans Garden Supply will be on hand to answer questions about wild mushrooms – as well as featuring some wonderful foraging tools and must-have mushroom books and guides.

Jewels of the Forest

Jewels of the Forest will be featuring their mushroom jerky products and providing mushroom bag instruction on how to grow your own mushrooms.

Kristin Jakob

Botanical illustrator with an ever-expanding line of cards and fine art prints. Her award-winning botanical art has illustrated numerous journals and several books, and has graced packaging designs and educational posters. We are grateful for her artistic talents in creating the “Wild in Marin” artwork for current and past years.

Mycological Society of Marin (MycoMarin)

Learn about our forays, education programs and speakers as it relates to fungi.  Tshirts, memberships, and answers to your mushroom questions await!

King of Mushrooms

The King himself, Todd Spanier, will be selling fresh mushrooms and other delicious mushroom-centric products – not to be missed!  Extra special thanks for their silent auction donation “eat wild, be wild”, an incredible mushroom extravaganza you will not want to miss from our silent auction!

Front Porch Farms

Over the years, we have come to view farming as a symphony of life-affirming patterns; learning how to take care of the biotic community resident in our soils; orchestrating the succession of crops, each benefitting from its predecessor; and using Diversity as our guiding principle.

Element 28 Design

Brett Nichols has been the creative genius for MycoMarin’s website.  From graphics, integration, promotion materials and artistic input…Element 28 Design has been an integral partner for MycoMarin.  His company designs and develops creative solutions to meet ever-changing marketing needs —from branding and strategy to UX/UI design to programming, through project conception, development and implementation. www.element28design.com

Harlen Malis

MycoMarin’s video extraordinaire!!  Harlen has been a member and shooting video for MycoMarin since 2017.  He facilitated art production at Broderbund in the 90s. Changing over to video production at sf film festival, Comcast DVR development and Fibershed Zoom Video presentations. He was a member of MSSF for 10 years, going on many forays with David Arora down in Santa Cruz and then over to the Marin group. Other interests are ham radio, electronics, solar and playing bass in a few groups around Marin and San Francisco.


Jan 21 2023


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Date: Jan 21 2023
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Mill Valley Community Center
180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA 94941


Mycological Society of Marin