About the Mycological Society of Marin

The Mycological Society of Marin County was created to bring community members interested in all things fungal together as a friendly, open, cohesive group, with varied interests about mushrooms and their usefulness in food, medicine, cultivation, remediation, art, dye, therapy  and what ever else the group brings to the table.

The Mycological Society of Marin County will work towards educating the general public, (in cooperation  with the other respected Mycological Societies throughout the region and country),  about the importance and beauty of mushrooms in our environment, through regular lecture series, organized forays, cultivation seminars, cooking demonstrations,  annual Fungus Festivals, as well as concepts members and friends bring forth to broaden the knowledge about this valuable  resource.  The mission of the Mycological Society of Marin County is simply to get people to go back outside and rediscover your hunter-gatherer instinct; especially if it’s raining!


$40 basic membership – Oyster
$100 supporting member – Black Trumpet
$500 lifetime member – Golden Chanterelle
$1,000 leadership circle – King Bolete


The news is coming soon… Please check back for updates.



Kevin Sadlier

Vice- President

David Campbell

Membership Chairperson

Kristine Ball


Katherine Pizziol


Dawn Trapp